MOD006960_2 Personal Development in Professional Settings

Personal Development Plan

Part 1: Career Goal

I.T. and administration work in the National Health Service: working as an administration worker of I.T professional in the National Health Service system is one of the better career choices for someone who has its qualification and educational background in health and social care. National Health Service is known to be the only health care organization as an employer with the largest rate of recruitment each year. It provides a versatile range of career opportunities to those who have their professional background in health and social care services. Thus, it will help s having a stable career if interested to serves as a care provider (Durosaiye, Hadjri and Liyanage 2016). Advocacy Worker: Selecting a career as an advocacy worker will help in achieving the goal of the subject that one is pursuing, as it focuses on providing advocacy as support to those people who are vulnerable to health and social complications (Trought 2017). People suffering from disabilities which can be either mental, social, or physical will be provided with guidance, supervision, and advocacy in order to ensure that their rights are secured and fairly provided to them. Advocacy worker has been one of the career choices which is in greater demand due to the rising issue of disabilities, crimes, growing age and thus having care planning and health and social care advocacy (Albanesi 2019). Residential care provider/ personal assistant: residential care provider or personal assistant is also designated as one of the best career choices for health and social care students as it has a greater rate of employment each year. The main reason for selecting it as a career option is that it will fulfill the desire of working as a care provider and ensuring better health and social care within the community. It focuses on providing care directly to the suffering individual without the involvement of any organization or group. It helps in providing residential care and full-time assistance to those who are in need of care, support, and management (Trigg et al. 2018).

Part 2: Current Reality

Being in the phase of development and growth in the field of health and social care along with life, I do have a certain level of strengths and weakness which is have identified myself and with the help of my fellow classmates. I have skills that I attained throughout my educational phase and training and they have helped me sustain a better development in my field of work. While working as a care provider and health and social care worker it is necessary to develop better communication with the patients and the people. It has good communication skills and as I am multilingual, I can speak French, Lingala, and English which has helped me provide better care and service while I was working in different health and social care settings. Thus, I can speak with the professionals as well as the patients in need in the language they are comfortable with which helps me deliver my work effectively. I am hardworking, multitasking, and very punctual of time which has helped me in my development. Being in a health and social care field one must possess the skills of being multitasking and hardworking as versatility is what it requires most (Moss 2017). I can work n every department which can be managed, I.T or health care department. Honesty and kindness are also my strengths which I believe are essential in providing better services in my field of work. Patients and people, we work with within our field are vulnerable to several complications in life, thus showing them kindness, love and compassion honestly is essential to help them sustain better recovery. I have training and experience in first aid delivery which is also my skills in my field of health and social care services. Apart from my strengths and skills, I do have a certain level of weakness, as I hesitate to open in front of others, experiences, and new things which often develops a barrier in my work and development. I get vulnerable sometimes when I start working at a new place, which I believe I need to improve in order to sustain a better career and growth in my field of health and social care. I have also sustained feedback from my classmates regarding the fact that I need to open myself a bit more to learning and attain new things and get along with people a bit more. I believe being open and upfront is what it requires to help patients and the people in need seek my help without any fear or hesitation.

Part 3: Option for Progression

In order to develop myself as a better professional in the field of health and social care, I need to fill the gap that I believe is present within my current phase and the career options I want to seek. developing myself and filing up the gaps focusing on the following factors will help me achieve my goals and ensure that I provide better results in my workplace: Development of Emotional flexibility While working in any field of work, one has to witness and handle situations and conditions which can be distressing and emotionally breaking. The chances of witnessing such a distressing situation increase when working in the field of health and social care services (Brassey et al. 2020). Thus, I believe being a care and support provider in the health and social care department, we have to react and handle emergency situations and complicated conditions. in such conditions, I will need to be emotionally strong and stable to help and assist the one who is in need. I must develop my emotional flexibility in a way where I can handle both strong and soft situations without any difficulty. In conditions where I need to act strong, I must ensure that my emotions and feelings do not harm my patient, whereas, in delicate conditions where I need to show love and kindness, I must be capable of ensuring that as well. I must keep my head and emotions calm and intact and must not react without thinking or understanding the situation, as it may create a complicated condition for the patient. Thus, I believe I need to work on my emotional flexibility to develop better in my field as it will help me work better as a residential care provider. Development of Communication skills Though I can speak multilingual and have the ability to communicate well with the patients and the professionals, still I need to develop better and work more with my communication skills. Communication is known to be one of the important skills one must sustain when providing care and helping those in need. Communication skills must be so intact that it helps the other person understand and get according to their level of understanding, thus flexibility in was of communication is also necessary. I need to maintain flexibility and learn when and how to talk to people based on their capability of understanding and the complexity of the situation. Focusing on being an advocacy worker, one must work on their communication skills as it has a major role in the respective career option (Roebuck 2016). Development of Time management Time management is what I believe is essential apart from being multitasking and punctual. Being a care provider in the health and social care department, one is bound to several tasks and thus, it is necessary to maintain and manage time according to the requirement of the work. Often time management issues led to the development of the complex situation and difficulties for professionals which directly impact the patient and the outcome of the care provided (Tsokova et al 2017). I need to work on my capability to assess and evaluate the complexity of work and distribute time and manage it accordingly. It will help me complete my work on time without any delay and with it, I can maintain my versatility and ability to perform multitask. Thus, I believe focusing on being an advocacy provider and residential caregiver, I will have to have better time management skills and focus on developing them in order to fill the gap which may serve as a barrier in my goal.

Part 4: What Forward

Nursing skills and management learning: Working on professional learning such as nursing skills and management will be necessary to become compatible with providing residential care to the patients. It will require almost 6 months to complete the learning process and can be measured by assessing my abilities and skills to perform nursing care (Trought 2017). Learning legal polices and rights focusing on health and social care: In order to work as an advisory provider, I must learn and attain a wide range of knowledge about the legal policies, rules, ethics, and rights that are necessary to ensure safety and security to the people. It will require almost a year to develop professional knowledge in the field of work. Working on additional campaigns and internships: Experiences have a major part in the development of an individual, thus, in order to attain experience, I will focus on working as an intern in different health and social care agencies and organizations. I will also have to take part in campaigns in order to earn as much as I can to become better in my work (Rook 2019).


Personal SWOT: 5 Complete Feedback Questionnaire: Professional Network Profile: XXXXX XXXX Profile I am a student studying Health & Social Care at The City of xxxx.  Currently I am looking for part time work to coincide with my studies. I believe my work experience within the world of youth and social work gives me great communication and people skills that can transcend into any field of work, particularly retail where interaction with customers is needed. Moving forward I am excited for the opportunity to share my strengths and skills with this industry, where I know I will excel. Skills Multilingual – English, French & Lingala First Aid Learning Certified 2018 Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Hairdressing Hardworking Punctual Problem solving Multitasking Organised Good numeracy Good communication skills Education XXXXX                                           September, 2018 – July 2019 (Projected) Current Study:                        XXXXX Maths and English Level 2   Westminster Kingsway College, Kings Cross                                            September 2017 – July 2018 Qualifications:                        XXXX Maths and English Level 1   College of Enfield and North East, Tottenham                                          September 2016 – July 2017 Qualifications:                     XXX   Complexe Scholaire Maranatha Lumpini, Congo                        September 2010 – July 2015 Mathematics, French, History, Geography, Pedagogy, Psychology and Technology Work experience XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Certificates and Training XXXXX


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