MAN5401 Managing Project Scope and Stakeholders Assignments

Introduction to the subject:-

Project scope and management is defined as the methods needed to make sure that project should cover all the work demanded. You have to fulfill all the economic demands of the stakeholders successfully complete the project.

Background of the assignment:-

Northern territory temporary stopped for two years on fracking to extract gas, liberate vast onshore reserves in the region highly rich in resources and increasing the possibility of other responsibilities following suits.

Summary of assignment

The assignment consists of 4 ‘tasks’ and whole assignment is substituted into 3 parts:
PART 1- Group Assignment – preparation5%
PART 2- Group Assignment – preparation5%
PART 3- Group Assignment – preparation30%

Task 1 – Group Task – To fully explore the project stakeholder issues related to the case study:-

The ABC-gas pty. The impact of the current proposal on all the people who are showing interest in the scheme, and want to verify that ABC-gas Pty will be examined by the company project board. Proposal should meet the desires of the stakeholders. They have asked you to explore the opinions of the project stakeholders which is relevant. This means that you and your team should take some of the appropriate assured work with stakeholders. You then have to produce a business report having your findings and any suggestions for the sponsors of the project. You have to present this in the form of a business report. This report should contain the detailed result of your work. You also have to mention the requirements gathering tools you used and the stakeholder strategies that you have advice to the project sponsors. Some of the information given may not be included in the main body of the report but should be involved as a part of a set of relevant appendices.

Task 2 – Group Task – To explore the broader political and communication issues linked to the project:-

The ABC-gas Pty. Project sponsor has also asked you to show a report that comprises all the outline communication, political and even international issues raised by the case. This should accumulate all the information you have gathered through your research together with any extra information that you believe will be useful to the project sponsor in counseling the project board. You have to represent this in the form of another separate business report.

Task 3 – Group Task – Outline business case

The ABC-Gas Pty. has appointed you and your team as the project manager and the project sponsor want you to prepare an outline business case for the project board/project steering group. The business should summaries the urgent position of the project and, in effect, should provide the ABC-Gas Pty. Project board with every information technology needed to understand the ongoing business justification for the project. As a minimum, the project sponsor believe that you will include the following items and address related problems in your outline business case, although you are not bound to add more headings if you consider it important: 1. Executive summary 2. Background 3. Finance – Source of funds (or placeholder) 4. Objective and scope (in-scope and out-of-scope) 5. Benefits 6. Summary of stakeholder issues – with details included in an appendix 7. Stakeholder management plan – with details included in an appendix 8. Key milestones – with details of a high-level schedule included in an appendix 9. Project Budget 10. Risks – focusing on the changes to scope, communication and stakeholder 11. Assumptions, constraints and dependencies 12. Project communications – with details included in an appendix 13. Options considered 14. Recommendation

Task 4 – Individual Task – Reflect on the assignment and on group work

You have to produce a deciding (individual not team) written report regarding how you approached the case study, and how you go with your group work. This report will be your reflection that should include the following: 1. What you have learn from the case study 2. What worked 3. What did not work 4. What you would do differently next time 5. How your project management skills have been tested during the assignment 6. How you communicate with the other group members (including evidence of the contact – such as placing work into a shared folder) (If relevant) How you represent to change difficulties, including whether other members of the team contribute less than others, and any evidence you may have to support this view
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