Subject: Legal Aspects of International business and enterprise Code: HI5015 Instructions: This is an individual assignment. Students undertake to complete this assignment individually without any assistance from any other student or person. The assignment consists of 3 questions, which must be answered in essay form. All questions are required. Please read and re-read these instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes in writing and submitting your assignment. Word limits: a) The total word limit for the assignment is 2,000 words (+/- 10% allowed). Each question has a specific word counts; please follow these individual word counts. Word count limits are strictly enforced. A deduction of 2 marks will be imposed for every 50 words over the word counts for each individual question and the total word count allowed for the entire report. b) The total word count for the entire report must be clearly written on the cover sheet of the assignment and the individual word counts written after the answer to each individual question. A paper will not be marked if the word counts are not written on the cover sheet. ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS 1) Identify a multinational company (MNC) operating in Australia. Provide a brief description of the company including the following: The industry the company operates in Number of staff in Australia Number of staff globally Location of global headquarters (150 words; 3 Marks) 2) Identify any legislative regulatory framework/s affecting the MNC you have identified operating in Australia and discuss why and how it affects the company. For example, multinational corporations, like local companies, are subject to 30 percent corporate tax. (925 words; 8.5 Marks) 3) Identify any treaties, conventions or agreements that have impacted on the products or services that your chosen MNC provides in Australia. How does it impact the provision of these products and services? (925 words; 8.5 Marks)
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