Assessment Task – Tutorial Questions Assignment

Unit Code: HC2022

Unit Name: Marketing Research Assignment: Tutorial Questions Due: 11:30pm 13th  October 2020 Weighting:  Total Mark 50 = 50% Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess  your  level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit. Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1.    Evaluate theoretical and practical knowledge of Marketing Research 2.    Analyse marketing issues and strategies using core marketing concepts and work with others to develop marketing strategies. 3.    Analyse and evaluate research methods, using primary and secondary data, design questionnaire, statistical analysis and write research report. 4.    Demonstrate research skills, showing initiative in consulting the academic literature and integrating fresh ideas into the discourse in preparation for life-long learning 5.    Demonstrate    the    capacity    to    write    persuasive    reports    containing    sound recommendations, in preparation for their career in business. Description:  Each  week  students  were  provided  with  three  tutorial  questions  of  varying degrees of difficulty. These tutorial questions are available in the Tutorial Folder for each week on Blackboard. The Interactive Tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills and knowledge to answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection of tutorial questions covered over Week 2 to Week 11 inclusive. It is important when you answer the questions, you do not just copy and paste the answers from other sources, but rather, try to paraphrase it and provide reference (in- text referencing) to your answers. All references must be listed appropriately at the end of the report using Harvard referencing style. The questions to be answered are: Question 1 Week 2 tutorial questions – Lecture 2 (11 marks) Homeware Greens is small Australian company based in Adelaide, who has been successful in selling certified environmentally sustainable homeware and gifts products made in Australia. The owners of Homeware Greens want to expand their business and have identified Melbourne as a potential new market to enter. You have been asked by the owners provide proposal of an online gift shop. Compare this type of gift store to the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ store. How might the research design differ for each? Refer to Week 2 Lecture slides and recordings for more information. (Must provide 2 references, there should be at least one academic reference and one non-academic).  (At least 400 words). Question 2 Week 11 Tutorial Question – Lecture 11 (11 marks) List and describe the components of a research report and provide a brief overview of each component? Refer to Week 11 Lecture slides and recordings, as well the internet for further information. (Must provide 2 references, there should be at least one academic reference and one non-academic).  (at least 400 words). Question 3 Week 4 Tutorial Question – Lecture 3 (7 marks) How can you identify the difference between quantitative and qualitative question? Conduct an internet search citing your references of respected authorities on this subject. Refer to Week 3 slides and recordings for further information (Must provide 2 references, there should be at least one academic reference and one non-academic). (At least 200 words). Question 4 Week 5 Tutorial Question – Lecture 4 (7 marks) Suppose you were working for a company that wanted to start a business selling hand-made acoustic  guitars.  Pricing  is  a  big  part  of  the  decision-making.  Secondary  information  is available      via      the      internet.      Using      eBay      (http://ebay.com.au)      or      Amazon (https://www.amazon.com), identify four key brands of vintage acoustic guitars listed for sale that seem to be associated with the highest prices. As the company wishes to charge premium prices based on the information that you gathered before. Explain how this information can support and justify the premium prices for their own hand-made acoustic guitars? Refer to Week 4 slides and recordings for further information (At least 200 words). Question 5 Week 6 Tutorial Question – Lecture 5 (7 marks) There are many issues that researchers require consideration when designing market research. Using an internet search  engine of your  choice,  list  and discuss five (5)  issues that require consideration. Student can refer to the ‘The nature of surveys’ section of the Week 5 lecture slides and recordings for further information. (Must provide 2 references, there should be at least  one  academic  reference  and  one  non-academic  to  justify  your  answer).  (At  least  200 words). Question 6 Week 10 Tutorial Questions – Lecture 9 (7 marks) What is the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics? Provide an example to each. Refer to Week 9 lecture slides and recordings for further information (Must provide 2 references, there should be at least one academic reference and one non-academic). (At least 200 words). Submission Directions: The  assignment  has  to  be  submitted  via  Blackboard.   Each  student  will  be  permitted  one submission to Blackboard only.  Each student needs to ensure that the document submitted is the correct one. Academic Integrity Academic honesty is highly valued at Holmes Institute. Students must always submit work that represents  their  original  words  or  ideas.  If  any  words  or  ideas  used  in  a  class  posting  or assignment submission do not represent the student’s original words or ideas, the student must cite all relevant sources and make clear the extent to which such sources were used. Written assignments that include material similar to course reading materials or other sources should include a citation including source, author, and page number. In addition, written assignments that are similar or identical to those of another student in the class is also a violation of the Holmes Institute’s Academic Conduct and Integrity Policy. The consequence for a violation of this policy can incur a range of penalties varying from a 50% penalty through to suspension of enrolment.  The penalty would be dependent on the extent of academic misconduct and the student’s history of academic misconduct issues. All assessments will be automatically submitted to Safe-Assign to assess their originality. Further Information: For  further  information  and  additional  learning  resources,  students  should  refer  to  their Discussion Board for the unit.
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